THE DAILY multivitamin blend has 27 vitamins & minerals per serving with fruits & green powders so is great for getting your daily requirements of nutrients.

THE POWER has 19g of plant based proteins per serving and is the perfect post exercise drink.

The flavours also differ slightly in that The Daily comes in Chocolate and Vanilla whilst The Power comes in Chocolate and Mixed Berry.

Our blends are ‘nutrient dense’, meaning the amount of nutrition you get per calorie is high, which can be beneficial if you are cutting calories to lose weight. However, we don’t believe that any product alone will help you lose weight, only you, can help you lose weight.

We spent a great deal of time ensuring that our product were formulated to taste great ‘naked’ with just water alone. That said, they taste absolutely amazing with all non-daily milks such almond and oat, or eve other waters such as coconut.

Yes, it’s fine to shake, bake or blend any of our powders.

Yes. We’ve formulated all our powders with pea, rice and brown rice proteins to include a complete range of amino acids.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, we always recommend checking with your GP or a qualified healthcare practitioner before taking any FITDELIS products.

Our powders do not use any nuts as ingredients; however, they are not produced in a certified nut-free facility. For that reason, we cannot make the claim that our nutritional shakes are nut free. Speak to your health care practitioner if you have a nut (or other) allergy before using FITDELIS products.

Yes, even though we the nutritional properties of barley & wheatgrass, the gluten is extracted.


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