FIT DELIS fuel a diverse community of people who share a similar set of values that help them live a fit, happy, and healthy lifestyle. Our FIT FAMILY know that nutrition plays a vital role in developing strong physical and mental health.

Our product range is developed to help you think, feel and perform your best, whoever and wherever you are on your journey.

Our products

At FIT DELIS, we've been plant-based from day one. For us, it's nothing new or on-trend; it's just what we've always believed. Key to our popularity was the focus that we placed on achieving the best taste with the best ingredients; after all, we can cut out dairy-based products, but why should we compromise on taste.

Today, we have the "best tasting vegan protein range" with supporting awards. Our range has the most bioavailable vitamin and mineral profile in each serving allowing you to stop popping unnecessary, expensive pills. No have additives, synthetics, or unsustainable solutions. Just safe, natural, real food ingredients that work.

About you

Our product range was expertly designed to support your specific goals, from losing weight to building more muscle. Hitting your daily protein targets or getting your daily dose of essential nutrients, we've got you!

Our story

Our mission is to provide plant-based health and fitness products to help you look and feel your best. We've created a movement that encourages the repetition of daily healthy habits that become the staple for optimal physical & mental well-being. A FIT DELIS shake a day keeps the skinny teas, diet pills and fake influencers away.