Complete, 100% natural, plant-based nutrition.

Fit Delis are proud to bring you plant powered nutrition of uncompromising quality. 

Born out of a belief that everybody should be given the same opportunity to be the very best version of themselves every single day, we have created the cleanest, all-natural supplement range, that's great tasting and packed full of healthy properties.
What’s our motivation?

  • To share our passion for clean, plant-based nutrition through education
  • To deliver the most premium, innovative, and convenient nutritional supplements to the world
  • To demonstrate we can impact positively on your health without having a detrimental one on that of the planet or animals.
Our first and flagship product embodies our vision. That’s how The Daily was born. A naturally clean and whole food shake. We’ve done the research, so you don’t have to.
What’s The Fit Delis Difference?

Each shake is packed with REAL FOOD and nothing else!
Our products are dairy and cruelty free!
With Fit Delis you conveniently consume more protein, more fibre, more healthy natural fats and more vitamins and minerals.
What do you take our products for?

Use as a meal replacement for weight loss 
General healthy living 
Pre or post sports and exercise 
Do something for yourself each day. Welcome to Fit Delis.