FIT DELIS fuel a diverse community of people who share a similar set of values that help them live a fit, happy, and healthy lifestyle. Our FIT FAMILY know that nutrition plays a vital role in developing strong physical and mental health.

Our product range is developed to help you think, feel and perform your best, whoever and wherever you are on your journey.

The Co-founders

Sam Friskey

"I've been plant based since 2017. Eating animals is not a requirement, it's a moral choice and my decision to change was made easy once I realised I didn't want or need any animal to suffer for my temporary pleasure or sustenance. Making the switch has unlocked a powerful personal gateway for all round better lifestyle choices. I feel fitter, healthier and mentally well balanced. Through FIT DELIS we believe that we can serve as your gateway to greater health and happiness."

Thomas Forster

"As a wellness coach I’ve worked with 100’s of clients over the years who all express similar challenges in their daily lives, from overwhelming work schedules to hectic family and social commitments. These types of challenges often lead to poor nutritional choices which can have a huge effect on our overall mental and physical health. At FIT DELIS we are proud to have created market leading nutritional products that serve to significantly improve the general health & wellbeing of our customers. Through FIT DELIS our customers feel and do good… for the planet! And we like that."

About you

Our product range was expertly designed to support your specific goals, from losing weight to building more muscle. Hitting your daily protein targets or getting your daily dose of essential nutrients, we've got you!

Product Ethos

Plant based
Made with real food ingredients
Free from additives, preservatives and filters
Made in the UK
Developed by leading UK nutritionist
Dairy, soy and gluten free