Born out of a belief that everybody should be given the same opportunity to be the very best version of themselves every single day, we set out at FIT DELIS to create a clean, all-natural Plant-based supplement range.
Having sampled an array of the current markets Plant-based offerings we saw a common theme between quality and the compromising of taste. Essentially the greater health properties equalled a fairly unenjoyable tasting exercise.
After 12 months of thankless meetings with investors, weeks of unfulfilled time spent with 'expert' manufacturers and unceasing frustration we finally created a product range with our customers health, fitness goals and taste expectations in mind.
Demonstrating that convenience doesn’t require ethical or environmental compromise, our range of clean and natural supplements are 100% natural, entirely plant based and lactose, dairy, soy, chemical and cruelty free.
We offer full label transparency of our natural ingredients but share no value in the labelling of ours customers and welcome every one of all ethnicities, diets and age in our pursuit of promoting accessible, convenient, affordable plant-based nutrition for all.
We hope you enjoy the output of our little journey, welcome to the FIT DELIS family.