More than just a shake.

More than just a shake.
We all know by the now the benefits of a plant-based protein & multivitamin shake. From aiding your recovery, to muscle growth and more but what if we told you there was a bigger benefit that isn't printed on the packaging or spoken about in the same glamorous context as protein. The benefit that we are referring to, is HABITS.

Habits are what shapes our day. Up towards 60% of what we do every day is automatic, meaning you don’t have to think about making your morning coffee each morning, it just happens. Habits are sustainable and difficult to break when they solidified into our brains and daily routines.

A shake overtime, and with continual repetition and positive reinforcement, becomes a behaviour. It also provides us the encouragement to know that we can adopt over changes that serve as future daily habits; from drinking more water, getting better sleep or getting more steps in, the goal is for all to become habitual.

Remember, you don't develop the habits you already have overnight…or even after a few weeks. It takes time. Be patient with yourself and diligent in forming positive habits.

Sam & Tom