Make the Switch to Clean Eating: Everything you need to Know!

Clean eating isn’t a passing fad or phase, it’s the belief that by following some core principles we can optimise our diet for the good of our health, as well as the planet and its animals. We’re here with six healthy habits to help you clean up your eating and reap the benefits! Read on to discover more.

Plant-Power your Diet
We’re plant-based advocates for sure! Plants provide us with a whole host of healthful nutrients – vitamins, minerals, fibre, antioxidants…the list goes on. Whether your diet is animal-based, plant-based or anywhere in-between, fruit and veggies should occupy a good amount of space on your menu!
When it comes the clean-eating, opting for plant-based foods takes the guesswork out. There’s no such thing as a plant that’s bad for you. You should be eating fruit or veggies – or both – with every meal to harvest the power of nature and optimise your nutritional status.

Keep it Real
Opt for real food which is as close to nature as possible. Whole foods which are minimally processed are a safe bet for clean eating, they’re Mother Nature’s answer to optimising nutritional status and avoiding unwanted synthetic and nasty ingredients. The key here is to keep it real, cook with fresh ingredients and always aim for homemade! Delving into processed, convenient and ready made foods is dangerous territory – with a tendency for preservatives, additives, trans fats and other harmful ingredients to sneak into the food chain! Keeping it real means you can stay in control – adding everything you want to your diet and leaving out anything you don’t!

Choose Organic
If you’re opting for a plant-based diet, then it would be fair to assume you’re eating a lot of plants! Which makes choosing organic produce that bit more important. Non-organic produce is grown with a dose of pesticides, herbicides and GMO ingredients. These are all designed to protect the plant and provide uniformity of produce but come at a cost to our health. Clean eating is all about removing harmful additives and non-nutritive ingredients from the diet, something which opting for organic basically certifies and guarantees.

Go Sugar-Free
Sugar is a non-nutrient – it’s energy dense, addictive and provides no nutritional benefit whatsoever other than empty calories! Studies have shown that sugar is as addictive as cocaine, and that ditching it can be just as demanding as beating a recreational drug habit. So, sugar is no joke! Trouble is, hidden sugar is rife in the food industry, which makes things that bit more difficult. You’ll find masses of sugar disguised in unlikely foods such as jars of pasta sauce, low fat foods (which use sugar to replace the flavour that fat would provide), fruit smoothies and so-called ‘healthy’ breakfast cereals. Switching to clean eating means ditching sugar for sure. To help you on your journey to sugar-free try making your own low-sugar snacks to curb sugar cravings; ditching high-sugar drinks and getting your sugar fix from natural sources such as fruit.

Clean for You, Clean for the Planet
Transitioning to clean eating should be as much about following a clean lifestyle as it is a clean diet. We are strong believers in the intrinsic link between planet, people and plant-based diet. Studies have shown that reducing our intake of meat and dairy is the number one way in which individuals can reduce their environmental impact on the planet. Even for plant-based advocates, it’s important to choose food and drink products which are produced ethically and sustainably, and with minimal impact on the environment. Try to avoid single-use plastics, animal-based ingredients and non-recyclable packaging to follow a diet that’s not only clean for you but also clean for the planet.

Optimise with Supplements
In the modern world there’s always an obstacle in the way of achieving adequate nutritional status – whether that’s a lack of time, cooking ability or else motivation to prepare fresh and wholesome food every day. Supplements provide an accessible and convenient way to nourish our body in a convenient and reliable format. In a world where our diet changes on the daily, supplements provide a sort of safety net to boost levels of key nutrients that aren’t otherwise guaranteed from normal food. But remember, when choosing a supplement, you must also consider the other clean eating principles – is it natural? Is it free-from allergens and fillers? Is it plant-based? Opt for a supplement free from artificial sweeteners, colours, flavours, thickeners and stabilisers. Hey, we fit that bill (!

So, there you have it, some simple and practical advice for adopting a Clean Eating mentality. By incorporating these six healthy habits into your everyday you can optimise your own nutritional status and learn to thrive, not just survive, with a plant-based diet!