FIT February

So it’s February, the whole “new year, new me” workout plan has possibly taken a back step but it doesn’t mean we can’t recapture the fitness or health vigour that you had in early January.

Forget any quick-fix solution to lose weight, get fit or beach body ready (YUK). Instead, create more gradual changes you want to see in your health, fitness and body. Consider new non-weight goals and instead make more performance specific goals. As an example rather than trying to lose weight for Valentine dates, set you self a goal of being able to complete a 3k jog by the end of February. But it’s really important to make sure each goal is realistic. The reason so many of us give up on resolutions so quickly is we set our targets too high that they seem unachievable.

In January there may have been habits that we can take forward into February & onwards but it’s almost important to shape them around your lifestyle. Although getting up early for the gym is obviously a great habit, if you feel it isn’t a sustainable one, fine a time in the day that is better suited or at least make a conscious effort to good more steps in. Equally, green juices and high intensity workouts may have seemed a great idea in January but now you need to find a way to maintain energy levels and weight loss without unrealistic routines. Whatever is it, re-evaluate everything what you’ve done in the month, what you enjoyed and haven’t, and make those small changes that aren’t so drastic.

Good luck and anyone questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

Sam & Tom