5 mindset shifts to change your health

5 mindset shifts to change your health

Action starts with a simply thought. It doesn’t need to be much thought, it may only last a few seconds, but there is no question that how we think sets the stage for what follows. When it comes to improving health, changing our mindset can result in significant health benefits. Here are 5 mindset shift changes

Challenge negative thoughts. 
Negative thoughts happen, and that’s cool, but try challenging them instead of mulling over them and doing so create a practical alternative. For example, if your goal is to become more active and you miss your morning workout you might think, “I didn’t train this morning and won’t have time later. I might as well just start next week (MONDAY).” But instead, try coming up with a practical alternative. “Instead of going to the gym, I’ll go for a walk after dinner”. Challenging your negative thoughts to a positive solution will help you move forward and continue to make positive changes.

Stop saying “I will try”. 
"Do you taste X to be your lawfully wedded wife/husband, to love……”I will try” ha! People who say "I will try" have immediately given themselves the opportunity and permission to fail.  No matter what happens, they can always claim that they "tried." As a wise (though fictional) guru once said: "Do, or do not. There is no 'try.'" So let’s shift the typical mindset of “I will try to go to the gym today” to “I will go to the gym today”.  This approach will have an incredibly profound impact on your daily choice and commitment! 

Create a morning mindset.
A great way to start the day is by making a mental list of each thing you’re looking forward to; it creates a feeling of anticipation and excitement that creates momentum the day ahead. Every morning utilise positive podcasts or informative audio books. By focusing on the positive messages coming from this content at the beginning of the day, it’s much easier to be happier, focused and ultimately more productive. 

Exercise the POWER of choice. 
We make more than 200 decisions DAILY related to food and healthy habits. Countless times, we eat foods that are mediocre simply because of its availability. We have the power of choice, free from influence. Exercise this POWER by making more discerning choices about foods that are more new nutritious, whole foods, less processed items. Fast food doesn’t have to mean junk food! 

Stop comparing. 
With endless access to social media, this is probably the hardest one out of all of them. We are continually comparing our lives to the lives, body and success to others whilst wishing, wanting, desiring and beating ourselves up when we think we don’t measure up. Next time you make an unrealistic comparison, instead of allowing it to make you feel poorly about yourself, view it as an opportunity for a little self-evaluating and change. 

Make your shift's today #COMMITTOFIT 

Sam & Tom