1% Better Daily.

1% Better Daily. 

1% better each day, compounded, is 3800% better each year. 1% worse each day, compounded, means you lose 97% of your value each year.

Have you ever tried a new diet that the latest 'influencer' is selling as foolproof? It promises to be an overnight success and you’ll drop 10 pounds overnight . The ex cast of TOWIE or Love Island says, “I can’t believe I lost so much weight in only three hours?!” Invariably, these diet schemes never work. If they did, we’d all be on the same diet, in terrific condition and the health industry all but obsolete. 

But what if our diets goals could be broken down into achievable DAILY steps. Instead of attempting drastic changes in the hopes of achieving immediate positive results, let's consider the 1% Better Daily process by taking small, incremental, daily actions, which then forms habits that stick and, ultimately, makes you succeed.

The mantra is to take it slow, consistent and focus on doing things 1% better than you did the day before.  

Here are 3 ideas to help be 1% Better Daily. 

1. Make Exercise a Priority
Find time for 45 minutes a day to invest in 'exercise'. The exercise can be anything from walking, jogging, stretching or even standing at work (rather than sitting). If you decide to walk, track your steps and set a goal to improve them the next day. 

2. Meditate or 'do nothing' for 10 minutes
Meditation is a great habit for reducing stress and improving my work-life balance. Find some during the day to be reflective, still and undistributed. This habit will breed a feeling of self betterment. 

3. Done one thing you're afraid or uncertain of
Do one thing that you’ve been putting off every single day. This is a great way to overcome procrastination and build the habit of moving your life forward. If it is a cold call at work, asking someone out on a date or anything that you've reluctantly considered -- get comfortable being uncomfortable. 

The quality of our lives has more to do with the foundational habits that we routinely run on a daily basis than the cards we are apparently dealt. By improving our habits and being 1% Better Daily, we can improve the quality of our lives.


Sam & Tom